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No addiction powder is an ayurvedic and natural remedy for different kinds of drug addiction. Cigarette, alcohol, tobacco and various other similar products have adverse effect on the human body which can lead to various serious illness or diseases in your body. No addiction powder is an ultimate remedy for the addiction of such products. According to the national cancer institute, addiction to these harmful substances, can lead to the cancers of the mouth, esophagus, pharynx, larynx, liver in men and of breast in women. The treatment of such diseases can lead to various difficulties. Also, some of them cannot be treated at all.

The addiction is a type of mental disorder where patients with the property of:-

  • Tamas (Inertia of mind) suffer from rajas or mental disturbances. It is important to calm down patients mind.
  • Vata (air properties of human body), starts feeling the need of smoking should calm down anxiety and get distracted from worries.
  • Pitta (fire properties in human body), gets addicted to the fire properties just to feel more powerful.
  • Kapha (Water properties of human body) starts feeling the power of tobacco and get addicted to it.

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I got addicted to alcohol in my college days. Initially, my friends forced me to have it and then my gut started forcing me to have it. Even when there is no plan with my friends I started carving for it and then I came to know that I am getting in the trap of alcohol addiction. Since I was unable to help myself, my dad helped me in overcoming the addiction. He bought me No addiction and it actually works. I eventually started recovering from the craving feeling that I used to feel before. This product proved to be the life savior for me. - Rajesh From New Delhi
No addiction is really an amazing product. I was a chain smoker and it is this product that has helped me from recovering my smoking addiction. Thanks to the makers of this product who get me out of this dreadful habit. - Suraj From Mumbai
It was few months back when I got into the trap of tobacco addiction. Nothing has ever made me so weak, than this little packet of tobacco. Many people tried to get me out of it from my family. But it was mother who at last gets me this product which actually worked on me. Today, I am living an addiction free life. - Kamaljeet From Punjab
4. No addiction powder is just awesome. The product made me quit my addiction for alcohol that was affecting my health badly. I have spent very bad days when I got addicted to hard drinks. Now I am happy that I am out of the addition. - Kush From Banglore

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